Cheyenne Safety 07 Soft Edge Magnum Module

Cheyenne Safety 07 Soft Edge Magnum Modul
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Cheyenne Safety 07 Soft Edge Magnum Module

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The Cheyenne Safety Cartridges are our patented innovation since 2007, as usual with the quality feature "Manufactured in Berlin". We developed the Safety Cartridges so that you can live out your perfection when pigmenting.

The Cheyenne cartridges allow you to change the needle modules quickly, safely and easily. Your PMU machine is ready to go in just a few seconds, but you can also switch between the many needle configurations while working pr oblemlessly. The intelligent Cheyenne Safety Cartridges system ensures that the needles have less room to move in the tip. For you, this means no fluttering, no inaccuracies, but concentrated, precise work.

For us, hygiene is our top priority. So we've built the Safety Cartridge module so cleverly that it doesn't let the absorbed paint go further to the grip or deeper into the machine. The ink only goes under the skin and no further.

Our sterilization process guarantees a long shelf life of up to five years, and this is also ensured by the hand-checked quality control of experienced experts. So you don't have to worry about the hygienic aspect if you ever have a different favorite configuration. The Safety Cartridges are sterile, individually packaged and deliberately designed for single use - safe and easy!

Cheyenne Cartridges:

  • Convenience through easy handling
  • Choice of 56 configurations
  • PMU & SMP needles sterile and hygienically packed
  • Travel friendly
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Precise
  • Simplified orientation of module groups: Color Caps
  • Transparent tip: you can immediately see the color you have picked up

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