Cheyenne Sol Terra

Cheyenne Sol Terra
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  • Cheyenne Sol Terra
  • Cheyenne Sol Terra
  • Cheyenne Sol Terra

Cheyenne Sol Terra

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The SOL Terra is a durable and reliable machine that operates quietly and with low vibration.

The innovative technology allows switching between two operating modes.

The 4 mm stroke of the SOL Terra makes it the perfect machine for lining and color packing.

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The Cheyenne SOL Terra sets a new standard for angled machines: From now on, a distinctive working experience awaits you with the innovative SensiDrive® technology!

This new revolutionary technology, patented by Cheyenne, offers two different settings: "Hard" and "Sensi". The electronics of the motor are set differently when you change. Experience two completely different sensations. Some artists describe the "Sensi" setting as "Like a traditional coil machine". Others describe the "Hard" setting as "The best liner machine ever".

The SOL Terra allows you to control the motor with different algorithms, but the implementation always remains powerful and gentle on the skin. This results in an extremely precise stitch pattern, reduced pain sensation when pigmenting and a shorter healing process.

4mm stroke makes the SOL Terra the top machine for rich lines and color packing for all types of work. The Cheyenne machine works from 25 Hertz in the low frequency range and can even be increased up to 150 Hertz. Smooth, quiet work with significantly reduced vibrations is always guaranteed with the SOL Terra.

Our high-tech anodizing process allows easy and safe cleaning of the machine for hygienic working. The classic Cheyenne handles as well as our Safety and Craft needle modules complete your configuration to use the SOL Terra under optimal conditions. All Cheyenne power supplies with an output of 2.5 amps or more are compatible with the SOL Terra to reliably power the machine.

Cheyenne SOL Terra

  • SensiDrive technologyPowerful and low-vibration machine
  • Powerful and low-vibration machine
  • 2 engine control algorithms
  • Perfect for lining and color packing
  • Low frequency from 25 Hertz
  • 4mm stroke
  • With the SOL Luna the quietest Cheyenne machine
  • High quality workmanship
  • Ideal healing results
  • Matched performance to Safety and Craft cartridges
  • Durable and easy to clean anodized finish
  • Handle cage protects connection

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